horse pilot

Horse Pilot air vest cartridge in stock

Horse Pilot and In&motion have reinvented the way to recharge the airbag vest after inflation. The process is now accessible to everyone:


● a colored marking delimits the level to be reached when unscrewing the screws
● green lights ensure that the pistons are properly positioned.
● as a gift to reward the efforts made, the metal housing of the marble only appears on the last piston if the previous steps have been carried out correctly.
● a system of arrows that can be associated in duo in front of each other reassures on the final positioning of the corks.

To recharge your airbag vest, you will need to know how to screw, unscrew and count in order up to four. The Allen key required is supplied with the packaging and is available in any DIY store if you lose it. Thanks to these smart tips, added to video tutorials available on the web, the process is simple and comforting for the rider