ATF founder Daisy Linhares spent much of her time growing up on the beaches of her native South Brazil. But when the sun went down or winter closed in, her imagination quickly turned to the whimsical stories that inspire today's collections. From recycled scraps of fabric and trims, she created endless outfits and characters to wile away her childhood and sew the seeds of future endeavors.

First came world travel, and when she eventually landed in the vibrant community of Venice Beach - where art, eccentricity and a relaxed lifestyle intersect - something resonated and she decided to stay.

Always comfy and cozy, ATF embodies the playful dreaminess of beach life through the ever expanding possibilities of textile printing. Every ATF piece is designed and made in downtown Los Angeles, where we provide American jobs and thrive to reduce our environmental footprint.

Daisy still loves to tell stories, so our laid back garments tell tales of safaris and cabin fever, magic and doodling. Take a closer look and you'll see that ATF is full of imaginative choices and fascinating characters like drumming bears, winged tigers and skiing squirrels. Can you tell that we love animals?

So wherever you are: sipping coffee, walking the dog, heading to yoga or watching the sunset; we've got something casual, easy and a little bit surprising for you to wear... A special piece that was made with care and love and a unique story in mind.

We hope you enjoy wearing ATF as much as we enjoy creating it.