Charles Owen

2020 pricing Charles Owen has the largest range of helmets independently certified to up to four international equestrian safety standards, offering a wider range of protection in a riding accident. All of our safety helmets are subject to random and independent batch testing to ensure the highest level of protection is consistently met.

Our design engineers currently represent Great Britain on the European Standards of Safety and are leading members of the ASTM International (American Society of the Testing of Materials), the major equestrian safety standards body in the United States.

At our design headquarters, we use advanced computer simulation to understand how to maximise the dissipation of energy from an impact by using complex combinations of materials. Impact analysis is commonly used in the car industry to recreate accidents that are often too complex to recreate. With so many variables and elements to check, it becomes essential to understand what going on at a microscopic level to understand how to better protect a rider in a potential accident.

This is just another way that your Charles Owen helmet is tuned to look after you, so that you can focus on your job.