Kask Kooki Lady wide brim

Pre-order yours now! It will be shipped as soon as we receive them.
KASK Equestrian today announces the launch of its brand new KOOKI and KOOKI Lady helmets. Pre-order yours now!
KASK has been able to adopt characteristics found in higher range products to deliver KOOKI and KOOKI Lady to a new public. Satisfying diverse riders the design takes into account both male and female needs in terms of aesthetic design, size range, and compactness and furthermore responding to the needs of the market increasing accessibility, which is particularly important to ensure appeal for a variety of riders.
The materials used for KOOKI are the same of our Dogma helmets,  but the innovative hybrid inmolding technology makes the production phase more efficient, thus obtaining a helmet of the same quality but at a more sustainable price. It’s functional, affordable and of high quality while aesthetically pleasing, making it really competitive on the market.