Sarm Hippique


Elegance, style, technology and particular attention to detail: these are the trademarks of an entirely Italian made product, signed by Sarm Hippique. Thanks to the efforts of their founders, the company has become a premier brand in the international equestrian community.

Sarm Hippique is known for their hand tailored design and quality, which have become the distinguishing characteristics of their collection. Sarm Hippique considers the choice of high quality raw materials an absolute must. Their efforts have created a unique product with high quality performance features – a goal shared by many companies, yet ultimately hard to achieve. From a business perspective it is a brave choice, but also the most rewarding when customers recognize the difference between Sarm Hippique and other brands.

Sarm Hippique long sleeve shirt

Sarm Hippique long sleeve shirt

Made In Italy beautiful long sleeve shirt with Navy design on shoulder and cuff. Logo on the collar in silver , zip front with diamante button