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We can order any items for you , we also have an equipe saddle fitter locally if you need to be fitted, please conatct the store for a referral .


With over 20yrs of experience, the combination of Selleria Equipe’s passion, attention to detail and technical excellence has earnt it international success with it’s saddles and accessories. The full in-house production and commitment to research and development ensure Selleria Equipe will continue to be a market leader.

Devised to satisfy the demands of professional riders, and amateur enthusiasts alike, Equipe saddles are a tribute to the elegance of equestrian sport across all its disciplines, from show jumping, to dressage, to eventing and endurance riding. The common factor that characterizes them: rider comfort and respect for the anatomy of the horse.

Precision, technicality and craftsmanship drive the manufacture of all Equipe saddles resulting in a perfect combination of tradition meets innovation. Modern manufacturing techniques compliment the timeless craftsmanship combining to satisfy the market demands for saddle customization. The use of new and innovative materials and designs is the focal point for continued investments in research.

Victories at the highest level, such as those at the London Olympics, 2013 European Championships and the 2014 World Championships by our stars of show jumping, and dressage, seal the reputation of Equipe saddles recognised throughout the world as absolute gems of Italian excellence in craftsmanship.

The Selleria Equipe premises covers an area of 4,500 square metres, housing the production department, offices and showroom. This modern architectural building makes use of natural materials such as wood and leather, a testament to Selleria Equipe’s environmental awareness, as well as providing a luminous, healthy and welcoming environment.

Equipe Aluminum Stirrup Irons
Equipe Aluminum Stirrup Irons
Equipe: GUEQ Sheepskin Glove - Gee Gee Equine Equestrian Boutique
Equipe: GUEQ Sheepskin Glove
Equipe: SOS/SOD Saddle Pads - Gee Gee Equine Equestrian Boutique
Equipe Selleria Dressage and Jumper Saddle Pads
Equipe: EQ04 Soft Care - Gee Gee Equine Equestrian Boutique
Equipe: EQ04 Soft Care
Equipe: EQ02 Soft Grease - Gee Gee Equine Equestrian Boutique
Equipe: EQ02 Soft Grease
Equipe: EQ01 Soft Oil - Gee Gee Equine Equestrian Boutique
Equipe: EQ01 Soft Oil
Equipe: EQ03 Soft Clean - Gee Gee Equine Equestrian Boutique
Equipe: EQ03 Soft Clean