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Horse Pilot Airbag Vest and Gillet

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Like motor sports such as motorcycling, equestrian sports represent a certain danger for those who enjoy this activity. Indeed, this exercise can quickly become very dramatic in the event of a fall or any other clumsiness. Due to worrying accident figures, creators have used resources to develop innovative protections adapted to the needs of riders, whether it is a simple training or participation in a horse show.


Always in a chic and elegant spirit, the latest technologies have made it possible to adapt an accessory mainly used for motorcycling, into an essential riding clothing. Indeed, the horseback airbag is nowadays worn by many riders concerned about their safety.

Thanks to the latest technologies, the new generation of airbags perfectly combines ergonomics, extreme comfort and optimal protection in the event of an accident. The trigger will be done mechanically, quickly, and will provide great support to the vital areas, namely the abdomen, thorax, neck, shoulders, back and more precisely the spine. Horse Pilot has reinvented the horseback riding airbag with its new protection equipped with the patented "In&motion" technology

To make your vest as practical as possible, if you use the airbag effect, you just have to change the CO2 gas cartridge to give it a new use. Of course, for this purpose, it will be necessary to check the condition of your airbag, in order to check that there are no holes or tears. Totally ergonomic in shape, the cartridge offers the rider absolute comfort and great ease.

This includes the airbag vest, a gas cartridge integrated into the riding airbag vest and a magnetic attachment strap that connects the rider to his saddle that ensures mechanical activation. A red tab attached to the hanging strap will ensure that you do not forget to detach yourself when getting off your steed. As you exercise, like a seat belt, this gesture will become a habit that the rider will no longer think about.

Because the practice of your activity does not take place according to the seasons, we offer overcoats adapted not only to the reception of the airbag, but also to the weather conditions. Thus, in summer or winter, in heat or rainy weather, you can find the jacket that suits your needs, while making sure to keep at all times a look worthy of the rider you are.


The part designed to protect the lower part of your back will be designed in a discreet, invisible way, guaranteeing an ever more elegant and refined design. Made in France, this vest offers a perfect and discreet fit that adapts with chic and sobriety with the Aerotech AMP competition jacket. Knowing that equestrian exercise requires absolute elegance in all circumstances, it goes without saying that your protective vest for riders will comply with the regulatory dress codes.


Designed to meet the needs of ergonomics, protection and comfort, your vest will have water-repellent and elastic qualities to offer you great freedom of movement. Our safety vests have received CE certification by the CRITT Sport Loisirs laboratory (CE EN 13158 standard). Available for men and women, our models are unisex.

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