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Hygain Hoofgain

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Hoofgain contains:

Biotin: A vital co-enzyme to assist in the forming of Keratin from key amino acids.
Methionine: A primary sulphur bearing amino acid that along with cysteine (which Methionine can synthesize) are essential ingredients in Keratin. Methionine must be provided in increased levels where hoof growth is desired.
Zinc: Key mineral in hoof and coat health. Hoof quality will often suffer where Zinc supply is marginal.
Vitamin A: One of the carotenoids essential to all keratinized tissue. Supplementation particularly essential for horses not on high quality fresh pasture.
Vitamin E: Benefits of Vitamin E as an antioxidant are well documented and is also an essential nutrient for renewal of keratin.
Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Essential nutrient in the formation of supple and strong membranes including hoof wall microtubules and laminae.
Iodine: Deficiency in this mineral often causes poor coat and hoof quality.

Biotin (min)
Zinc (min)
Vitamin A  7500 IU
Vitamin E  750IU
Omega 3 Fatty Acids  0.6g
Iodine  0.2mg


1100 lb bodyweight: 2 scoops per day (120 g)

The supplied scoop holds approximately 60 g.

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