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Tech Stirrups Diana Hunter Irons

BACK ORDER The Diana Hunter Irons from Tech Stirrups are a patented design in English stirrup irons. Designed for hunting and the hunter arena, this is a high tech iron in a non-jointed traditional configuration. The classic look doesn't mean these aren't state-of-the-art technical irons, however. Tech Stirrups uses aluminum finished with a 20 micron anodization in Silver or Black for a beautiful look that lasts. The wide tread pointed metal footbed has a 4 degree tilt that allows your foot a more secure base and encourages a lower heel. While the footbed is ruggedly grippy it still releases your boot when needed. You'll have no trouble readjusting your foot position or dismounting. Gorgeous Tech Stirrups are made in Italy.

The slot for the stirrup leather is unobtrusively angled to allow the leathers to maintain a proper position, preventing wear on the leathers and a more natural stirrup position. The footbed and all edges are rounded and the screws are recessed to be gentler to your horse's sides and to reduce the possibility of damaging your saddle. Created for comfort even over long distances in the field. The Silver Diana Hunter Irons are perfect for the show hunter arena! In one standard adult size, 4.75"

  • Stress tested
  • Fine machine finishes
  • 2.5" wide tread (at center)
  • Weighs 10.6 oz each
  • Size 4.75"
  • Made in Italy