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Antares Signature Dressage Saddle

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Calfskin lined double flap dressage saddle with deep seat. Manufactured with the best Argentinian leather and Antares Cadence saddle tree model. Its traditional tree combined with the larger panels (Antares DTA 50 concept) provides optimal comfort, even contact and stability to both horse and rider. This saddle optimizes the rider’s pelvic position while its short blocks allow a maximum leg freedom.

The DTA 50 panel option is available on this semi-custom dressage saddle.

The DTA 50 ensures better pressure distribution over the horse’s back.

5 years limited warranty on the tree. 2 years limited warranty on the leather.

Signature dressage saddle technical specifies

Semi-custom, deep seat.
Available from 16.5″ to 18″.
Flaps available in different sizes
DTA option
Grain and calfskin nubuck leather
Brown or black