EquiFuse: Citrafoam™ 16 oz Sulfate-Free + Foaming Shampoo


16 oz.

- Sulfate-free shampoo that is refreshing and mild
- Eco-friendly, contains plant based ingredients
- Moisturizing formula to relieve dry skin, dander, and dandruff
- Leaves the coat incredibly soft and enhances coat shine
- 100% all natural fragrance
- Removes manure and dirt stains with ease, eliminates the need for a
  whitening alternative

CitraFoam™ Sulfate-Free + Foaming Shampoo is developed specifically for horses. CitraFoam™ instantly foams, massaging the horse’s skin producing a root deep clean. Using only a small amount of this concentrated formula, CitraFoam encourages a clean horse without the waste. This shampoo is infused with d-limonene, an eco-friendly component of oil extracted from oranges. D-limonene provides 100% of this naturally derived fragrance that neutralizes unpleasant horse odors while soothing the senses. Once dry, the horse’s coat is effortlessly smooth and asserts a superior natural shine.