horse pilot

Horse Pilot Show Coat Air Vest

Size 36 and 38 in SALE

Breathable, light and comfortable, the AMP -Air Motion Protect- jacket is designed to wear with an air vest during competitions

We developed the Air Motion Protect competition jacket to fit over the Horse Pilot In&Motion air vest. We added some essential elements to the Aerotech jacket so that this jacket can hold an airbag. A zip is concealed under the button panel to allow inflation. The AMP’s stretch fabric can withstand repeated triggering without becoming deformed. We have removed the shoulder pads to avoid excessive thickness when worn over the vest. Inside, at the top of the back, a band holds the airbag in place. At the front of the jacket, a more elasticated section is designed to hold and conceal the cartridge. It has a reinforced rubber leash opening to allow you to connect the leash to the saddle. The jacket and airbag combo allows the rider to get on track with total confidence, ready to beat the fastest lap time.