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Hygain Smoochies

Hygain® Smoochies® are crunchy baked heart-shaped treats for your horse or pony. Made from the freshest wholesome Aussie produce, these pocket-sized treats feature the full flavor sensation of fenugreek, which even finicky horses love. Ideal as a training reward or just simply as a gesture of appreciation, Smoochies do not contain added sugar, GMO ingredients or anything artificial. They are produced by Hygain’s state-of-the-art extrusion process; a resealable bag ensures freshness.

Note: Fenugreek should not e fed to pregnant mares as animal studies have shown that it may cause uterine stimulation.

Ingredients: cereals, vegetable protein meal, legumes, legume hulls, sugar beet pulp, rice bran oil, fenugreek, calcium carbonate.