Toklat: T3 Clarion Oversized Dressage with Ortho-Impact

by Toklat
T3 Clarion Saddle Pad with Ortho-Impact is the next generation of Toklat's popular Clarion quilted dressage saddle pads, incorporating new technology into our traditional saddle pads for enhanced performance and protection for the horse. The lining is Bucas Stay Dry(TM), an antibacterial fabric that wicks moisture rapidly away from the horse's back. The quilt is high quality batting that breathes and will not retain moisture or soaps when washed. Ortho-Impact inserts have a layer of 5mm Pro-Impact bonded to a layer of medium density Viscoelastic foam (memory foam). Pro-Impact absorbs 90% of the energy created by the impact of the saddle and rider on the horses back. The VE foam provides additional cushioning and lets the saddle stabilize naturally, filling in any muscle deficits and compensating for less-than-perfect saddle fit. Choose Ortho-Impact if your horse has a topline that is underdeveloped or unevenly developed, or your saddle is not custom fit. For a horse with a well-developed topline or a custom saddle fit, consider T3 Clarion with Pro-Impact. Saddle pad is machine washable, line dry. Remove inserts before washing. To clean Ortho-Impact inserts, rinse and line dry. NOTE: these inserts are sensitive to cold temperatures. Store indoors or allow a few minutes to warm up before using.