Toklat: T3 Classics III Dressage with Lo-Impact

by Toklat
The T3 Classics III Saddle Pad with Lo-Impact is the next generation of Toklat's popular Classics III quilted saddle pads. T3 Saddle Pads incorporate new technology into our traditional saddle pads for enhanced performance and protection for the horse. The lining is Bucas Stay Dry(TM), a fabric that wicks moisture rapidly away from the horse's back to speed up heat release.Stay Dry is antibacterial and anti-microbial for added protection. The quilt is high quality batting that breathes and will not retain moisture or soaps when washed. The Lo-Impact inserts are designed to protect the horse's back from the weight of the saddle and rider by absorbing the impact. Lo-Impact is 1" low density Viscoelastic foam (memory foam). Lo-Impact cushions the horse's back, but remains soft enough to allow the horse's back muscles to flex under the weight of the saddle and rider so that muscle can continue to develop. Choose Lo-Impact if your horse is starting low intensity training to actively build back muscle--for example, after a long time off or first time carrying a saddle. As the topline shows development, switch to a T3 Saddle pad with Pro-Impact for improved breathability and heat release. Saddle pad and inserts are machine washable, line dry. 23" seat length, 20" flap length.