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Toklat: T3 Classics III Shim Dressage Halfpad


The T3 Classics III Shim Half pad offers a unique solution for riders who need to correct the saddle fit. This lightweight, truly breathable half pad has three pockets on each side of the spine, allowing for much more precise correction than pads that only offer two. Each half pad comes with a set of 12 1/4" shims (4 front, 4 middle, 4 rear) to give up to 1/2" of adjustment in each pocket. In addition to the shims, the pad includes Pro-Impact Inserts. Pro-Impact is a ultra-thin, ultra-light, breathable high density foam that absorbs 90% of the energy of saddle and rider impact on the horse's back. Protecting the horse from the impact of the saddle and rider is critical to healthy muscle development. The bottom lining is Bucas Stay Dry(TM), a rapid wicking moisture management fabric. The top is quilted ETC(TM) fabric, a lightweight, breathable fabric with anti-friction non-slip properties to keep the saddle in place. Use on top of any lightweight quilted saddle pad, such as our standard Classics III saddle pads, Passport pads or Tango pads. Machine washable, line dry (remove inserts and shims before washing).