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Equine Body Condition Scoring Chart

par Agilis Tech Labs novembre 02, 2020 2 lire la lecture

The impact of emaciation or obesity on your equestrian companion’s health is immense. If your horse is healthy, it’ll not only look good but feel great as well. That is why you need to understand your companion’s nutritional needs. 
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Hygain Supplements Safeguard

par Agilis Tech Labs novembre 02, 2020 2 lire la lecture

Proper exercise and nutrition are keys to keeping your equestrian friend healthy and happy! While getting your horse to work its muscles and joints every day might be a breeze for you, the diet part can be quite complicated.
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Design a pair of DeNiro boots

par Amanda Hromadka avril 05, 2020 1 lire la lecture

You have all the tools at Gee Gee Equine to design a pair of custom boots. Start off with the style of boot then choose your swatches and top.

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From the Saddle: Stories of Delight from Our Riders


DeNiro boots are spectacular! The leather is so soft and luxurious, with endless design options. Gee Gee's client service is top notch- very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. I'm loyal to Gee Gee and will buy all of my boots from Amanda.

Allison Maclean

Hi Amanda!I just wanted to catch up for a minute, and thank you again for helping me with the Botticelli boots. They are beautiful, the perfect size, and so incredibly comfortable there was literally no “break-in” period. You were so wonderful to work with, I can’t wait to need another pair of boots again.!Regards,Allison MacLean

Elizabeth Crawford (Massachusetts )

The boots just arrived and they are everything I hoped for!! They fit beautifully and look exactly as I had imagined. Photos do NOT do these justice! I cannot wait to ride in them. I really cannot thank you enough, you’ve made all of my boot dreams come true. 

Julie Watanabe (Florida)

Thank you so much again for your help and understanding. You are the best!  I will always refer people over to you. You are amazing and so great to work with.I will always come back to you for my future boots.

Bianca Small

What do you love most about your DeNiro boots and GeeGee?
- I love how comfortable and conforming they are to your calves and feet. They fit like butter,
but are not constricting, are classic and simple. Gee Gee equine is great because I’m able to
work with a very knowledgeable owner, who picks out and helps design stylish DeNiro boots
and helps you get the perfect fit.



I hope this email finds you well!I just rode and decided to take a moment and tell you how fabulous my boots are! I absolutely love them. They were perfect from the first time I wore them.I just  had to stop for a moment and tell you!

Karen Diller