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Bianca Loves Gee Gee Equine!

What do you love most about your DeNiro boots and Gee Gee?

- I love how comfortable and conforming they are to your calves and feet.  They fit like butter, but are not constricting, are classic and simple.  Gee Gee equine is great because I’m able to work with a very knowledgeable owner, who picks out and helps design stylish DeNiro boots and helps you get the perfect fit. 


How long have you been riding?

- I started riding 2 years ago, and have not looked back.


What is your profession?

- I am in the medical field in New Mexico.


Tell us about your horse?

- Bahooky is an 8 year old Holsteiner gelding.  He is very loving and very sweet and enjoys his jobs.  He is a jumper at heart and aims to please. 


Riding goals?

- My ultimate goal is to become an all-around rider.  But I can’t wait to start some jumper schooling shows with my horse.