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Hygain Supplements Safeguard

novembre 02, 2020 2 lire la lecture

Proper exercise and nutrition are keys to keeping your equestrian friend healthy and happy! While getting your horse to work its muscles and joints every day might be a breeze for you, the diet part can be quite complicated. Granted that you may be procuring the best quality grass, hay, or haylage for your companion, but is it actually getting the best nutrients that play an integral role in maintaining its coat, skin, and overall health? Or is their diet actually causing them a lot of harm?

Many horse owners are unaware of the toxic compounds in horse feeds and forages that have an impact on their horse’s health. For instance, molds and fungi in their feed are known to produce mycotoxins which can slow down their body’s ability to repair and regenerate tissues. In addition to this, mycotoxins may also cause long- and short-term respiratory, gastrointestinal, neurological, and reproductive problems.

Mycotoxins In Your Horse’s Feed

As per studies, it is extremely difficult, almost impossible to source horse feed that doesn’t contain at least some amounts of toxins. Moreover, tests to trace them can be expensive.

Even if the feed is treated to keep mold at bay, it is important to bear in mind that mycotoxins can remain even after the mold dies. While monitoring moisture and temperature levels can help lower contamination to some extent, it is vital that you take additional steps to mitigate your horse’s risk of consuming mycotoxins. This starts with regular vet visits and preparing the feed for consumption with broad-spectrum mycotoxin binders such as Hygain Safeguard EQ.

Benefits Of Hygain Safeguard EQ

Specially formulated for your horse and containing natural ingredients such as wheat bran, wheat germ, organic mineral compounds, and yeast extracts, this binder facilitates the rapid passage of mycotoxins through the digestive system in the form of manure. Adding it to your horse’s feed will ensure good health by allowing for minimum absorption of this harmful substance.

Mycotoxins can be especially harmful to some horses as gastric juices in the digestive system are unable to break it down. It may eventually pass through the small intestine, the hindgut, and the intestinal lining, making it into the horse’s bloodstream.

This may lead to health problems in your horse such as excessive weight loss, fatigue, lethargy, depression, neurological problems, muscle diseases, gait incoordination, ulcers, and stringhalt, to name a few. All these issues can be largely avoided by adding Hygain Safeguard EQ to your horse’s feed.

This small addition to their diet can go a long way in keeping your horse in the prime of its health. To keep equine diseases at bay, make sure that you get Hygain Safeguard EQ supplements for your horse today.

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