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Antares Signature Flash Noseband Snaffle Bridle

Bridle made of French soft leather. Removable padded noseband (flash noseband), with protected buckles in order to avoid possible risks of injuries. Anatomical headpiece with only two pieces (one cheek piece for the snaffle and one for the noseband). A special throat-lash fastener, to avoid any additional pressure above the head.

Padded Flash Noseband. Anatomical headstall leather padded with two cheek pieces and throat latch. Reins are not included. Oiled before shipping. 


« Origin » anatomic headpiece, includes noseband cheek pieces to avoid extra thickness on the pole. Wide and padded, slight cut at the base of the hears to release and limit pressure on this sensible area. 


Flash noseband, with wide, soft padding and protection tab under closing buckles to avoid any rub. Flash strap attached with a “T” loop removable to easily change the flash noseband into a cavesson.


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