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Gee Gee Equine Equestrian Boutique

Deniro Dressage boot comparison

1.Tiziano $1,100

2. Magnifico, Raffaello, Michelangelo, Classic dressage similar style robust check out the stitching on the foot so you choose which one you like.

3. Bellini high bow

4. Botticelli laces with a high bow 

5. Green boot vegan style 

Choose the style you would like then look at the Deniro swatches on the homepage.

Use the Deniro catalogs to browse and get creative, use the configurator catalog for ideas and info.

Measure using a tape measure in cms, use the video on YouTube GeeGeeEquine follow the directions, we are looking at calf and height only unless you know you are half made to measure or made to measure.

Get a friend to measure you in riding gear socks and breeches! how tall are you? was it a cold day or a hot day?

High bow or low bow? spur rests? wide foot? half size?matching spur straps and belt?

We take a 50% deposit at the time of order. Once the boots ship from Italy we charge you the balance.

The boots are final sale so make sure you measure correctly. I look forward to making many boots for you.