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DeNiro Boot Co.

DeNiro: Paddock Boots

If not in stock 3 week wait

You can custom the color style to meet your needs. Just call the store for info. We carry the stock paddock boot year round in black.

Presenting De Niro Leather Paddock Boots. Made in Italy, under the most famous bootmaker, De Niro Paddock Boots are lightweight and made with high-quality Italian leather. The emphasis of the boots is on ergonomics, along with comfort and fashion. The sleek contours of the boots are eye-catching, with a sharp and shiny finish. They match perfectly with black half chaps. The construction is sturdy and meant for everyday wear and tear. The midsole is all natural leather, with a high sweat absorbent power. The rubber sole is an effective anti-slip and keeps maximum security and adherence, even under extreme conditions.

De Niro Boots offer advanced Water Resistance, thanks to the Water Resistance Advanced Treatment (WRAT). The leather used in the WRAT treatment allows sweat in the form of water vapor to breath out. This prevents the water from outside to enter the inside of the shoe, meaning your feet stay hygienically dry. The leather is antibacterial and absorbent. A series of micro holes are made on the leather insole to allow the ventilation. The pull-up leather band at the top back of the shoe is sturdy and blends in with the rest of the boot. The boots are easy to clean; just wipe and apply polish as needed.

De Niro Boot Company is famous for quality, style, and innovation. De Niro Boot Company has gained a firm footing in the riding boots industry. With years of research and development efforts, De Niro has established itself as a market leader. De Niro Boots are handcrafted in their own factory in Lecce in the heel of Italy. With rigorous testing and quality assurance, De Niro Boots are made to the highest standards. De Niro Boots are “the most copied in the world”. You know what they say: “Imitation is the best form of flattery.”