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hannah Childs

Hannah Childs Steel Blue Sola Perforated Sun Shirt

Want to feel renewed and refreshed? Sola is your welcome ticket to the delight of your senses. With a core sun shirt as her foundation, you'll experience the bliss of technical cooling as a warm breeze kisses your skin through the perforated underarm and the thoughtfully placed stirrup or bit on your back. Add a tactile smile as you trace your fingers along the anglaise trim that embellishes the zipper, Sola is sure to remind you of the beauty that lives both within and without.

White and Midnight have perforated stirrup design.

Rose Dust and Black have perforated bit design.

Made from our ultra-soft tech fabric with UPF 50+ and moisture wicking properties. Machine wash cold, and lay flat to dry.

*Second photo to show Bit detail on back

Steel Blue
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