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Kunkle mesh gloves black and Navy

endorsed & Worn By: Ashlee Bond

We are proud to have our Kunkle Equestrian gloves worn and endorsed by Ashlee

The KUNKLE Glove took over three years to craft and was designed and tested by riders, from beginners to Grand Prix Olympians.  Our Glove  was designed and tested by riders for riders! The creators of this glove along with some of the nation’s most admirable riders have undergone years of trial and error to take the most desirable qualities of the market’s leading glove and improve on its flaws and create the ultimate product for you!

The KUNKLE PREMIUM SHOW GLOVE is the clear cut winner compared to any other on the market, and the attributes that make this true are noticeable after the first ride to anyone who gives them a try! Our glove lasts over twice as long as the leading competitor while still maintaining that soft leather feel all riders know and love.

It dries out between each and every ride which means no more soggy gloves the next morning. And, when they do need them cleaned, YES they are washable too! The KUNKLE Glove is also touch screen compatible — and no this won’t stop working a week into use as it does with other gloves! Our glove has a second skin feel with an improved grip. All of this for almost half the cost of the top selling glove in the USA.

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