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Antares Cleaning products

Antarès only work with the best leather quality. Hides thickness and density are strictly controlled. The full-grain French leather are neither sanded nor corrected. Little irregularities are a visual proof, and traces of the animal’s past that the leather proudly wears.

Skins are stretched while drying to avoid lengthening. Except from this operation, the leather grain is not altered during tanning process to guarantee its exclusive softness and resistance.

Leather must be cared to keep its strength. Antarès developed a caring products range to clean and nourish leather : soap, balm and oil.


1.Leather oil made for our leather. Deeply nourishing. Great for new tack

2. Antarès leather soap.  Apply every day depending on the use of the saddle and tack.

3. Leather conditioner. Apply once a week depending on the use of the saddle and tack.


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