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DeNiro Boot Co.

Deniro Infinito Viceversa Sky Sneaker

Brushed Blu

This DeNiro Breeze sneaker is made with blue coloured Infinito Sky details, making this sneaker part of the De Niro Infinito collection. The rest of this pair of sneakers is made in brushed blue. This pair is made with a dark blue lace, to beautifully match the rest of these shoes. The last detail added to this pair of De Niro sneakers is the the several pieces of shiny silver leather, like on the side and heel of this shoe. Like any other De Niro sneaker, these were made of high quality Italian leather, and a Vibram sole was used. This prevents these sneakers from wearing out, while also making them as comfortable as can be. All these details make this pair or De Niro sneakers the ideal shoes for anyone who’s trying to look unique and sporty!

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