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Derrière Equestrian Performance Padded Panty

The innovative, award-winning, and best-selling Derriere Equestrian Performance Padded Panty (DEPPP) is the first of its kind in the equestrian sector and is empowering horse riders in all disciplines to feel confident and comfortable in the saddle, even on the longest of rides.

Designed to eradicate seamlines visible through breeches and ensure no rubbing, chaffing or abrasions are created due to stitched seams, the DEPPP incorporates the Derriere Equestrian Padded Support System (DEPSS), which protects the perineal area from friction and the resultant discomfort to the rider.

Advanced, high end, luxury, sporting technology fabric provides riders with elegant, designer underwear that is soft and supportive, with the performance stretch needed for equestrian sports.

The DEPP is available in four colours, all of which are beautifully finished with the characteristic designer jacquard, with style and quality second to none.

Derriere Equestrian Padded Support System – DEPSS

The DEPSS has been scientifically developed and researched in both the UK and Italy, combining the knowledge of Equine Sports Therapists, the world’s leading manufacturing team in cycle pad development and thoroughly researched equestrian rider requirements. The use of data from anatomical research studies, combined with perineal pressure studies led to the clarification of the design of our equestrian pads. Further performance testing with riders in all disciplines has led to the design of the ultimate range of equestrian undergarments.

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