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Please note Deniro Price increase July 1st, 2021 Boots listed will be updated with the new pricing 

What do you love most about your DeNiro boots and Gee Gee?

  • DeNiro boots are spectacular! The leather is so soft and luxurious, with endless design options. Gee Gee's client service is top notch- very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. I'm loyal to Gee Gee and will buy all of my boots from Amanda.

How long have you been riding?

  • I learned how to ride as an adult, which is no small feat. A while back I did an exercise to identify my values. During this process I thought about what brought me joy as a kid and I wrote down "horses". Eventually, I started to explore where I might start taking riding lessons. Finally, I began learning to formally ride about 8 years ago, bought my own horse and have never looked back!

What is your profession?

  • I work at Google and have been in the online advertising and marketing space for over 25 years now. 

Tell us about your horse

  • Bendal is a 14 year old 17.2 hand Dutch Warmblood out of Sir Donnerhall Hall. I've had him for 8 years now. He is honest, talented, loves food and acts like he is a king. Bendal is cross trained in dressage, jumping, working equitation and enjoys trail riding. 

Riding goals?

  • My goals are to become a dedicated and compassionate equestrian who continuously strives to learn and grow as a capable, confident and skilled rider. I want to be a knowledgeable horsewoman and ensure my horses receive the utmost care and devotion they deserve. While one of my long term goals is to get my bronze medal in dressage, it is more important to me to strive to be a kind, loyal, authentic friend and champion within my horse community.
Photographer: Erin Gilmore

    • We are a USA Deniro vendor fully trained by Deniro Italy customizing boots all over the USA. We have five stars when it comes to service. Please request a phone consultation for sizing and price.  Delivery usually takes 8-10 weeks if we do not have it in stock or need a  custom boot. You can refer to the sizing chart after watching the video on how to measure for a stock boot. We have a store in Torrance California we can also arrange a barn boot day. We also attend shows and clinics. 

    •  Thank you for your interest in Deniro boots.  Gee Gee Equine is a California vendor we provide Deniro boots for all levels of riders from Professional riders and judges to amateur and recreational riders throughout the USA and worldwide.

       Please watch the video below first.  We would need the shoe size (European), calf, and height.  Make sure someone else measures you using metric measurements (centimeters).  Two top tips are to make sure you have your friend measure you twice for accuracy and measure the calf at the widest part (with your socks and breeches on.)

    • A deposit of 50% must be paid at the time of ordering the final payment charged when the item ships from Italy.
    • Once the boots have been ordered, we cannot return or exchange your boots as they are hand made especially for you.  This process will take approximately 8- 10  weeks for your boots to be made they can take longer.   After you send me your measurements, I will first check to see if you fit into a stock boot, as Deniro has 25 different height and calf measurements for every foot size. Otherwise, your boots will need to be made to measure.  Once I get your measurements, I can send you back a quote of how much your boots will cost

    • Once again, thank you so much for contacting Gee Gee Equine. Kind regards,

    • Amanda  Barbour Hromadka

    •  424 263 5914

    • Owner Gee Gee Equine Established 2011

       Made with grain calfskin leather inside and out for quality construction and elegance.

    • Water Resistant Advanced Treatment (WRAT) outer leather and leather sole prevents water from seeping in while still allowing the leather to maintain its breathability
    • Durable YKK zipper is thoughtfully positioned forward of center on the inside of the boot, allowing seamless contact between your leg and your horse, while still maintaining a streamlined silhouette
    • Activated Carbon Insoles have a natural antibacterial action to keep your boots fresh
    • Natural leather midsole has a high sweat absorption to keep your feet clean and dry
    • Vibram anti-slip outer soles keep your feet secure in the stirrups
     boots are designed for durability and are made with the finest quality leathers to ensure performance and protection. Just a few tricks to care for it. Remove anything that might damage the skin of the boot after use. Keep the boot away from heat sources. Store in a dry place. Apply a cream cleaner of the same color of the boot. For models with a zipper, to preserve the functionality and durability of the boot, recommend after each use, to remove dirt from the hinge, using a brush; make sure the zipper is completely open while wearing or removing the boot.

    Equestrians around the world treasure the fine Italian craftsmanship, impeccable quality, and personalized styling that DeNiroBootCo incorporates into its extensive line of luxurious equestrian boots. DeNiro boots are expertly handcrafted in Casarano, Italy, by experienced artisans steeped in the proud tradition of the boot - making. Attention to detail, use of the finest leathers, and a flair for innovation have been hallmarks of the DeNiro brand for over thirty years. An extensive line of popular designs and customization options allows equestrians to satisfy their unique tastes, make a statement, or simply show off their personality.

    The DeNiroBootCo, uses only natural materials of the highest quality, such as calfskin, ensuring consistency and strength, along with total comfort.

    WRAT (Water Resistant Advanced Treatment)

    WRAT uses hydrophobic materials that are bonded to the leather structure during teenage to form a protective barrier. The leather used in this treatment allows sweat in the form of water on the outside coming in. The result being your feet stay hygienically dry.

    This is what made every product unique and original and any imperfection it presents is not considered a defect, but a confirmation that it was made with natural processes.

  • SINCE 1981, world-class boots
    DeNiroBootCo is synonymous with quality, attention to details, innovation, style and research in the equestrian field.
    A great sensibility to catch the changes in this field and a vocation for innovation and research are the main characteristics which have led DeNiroBootCo to establish its own leadership all over the equestrian world.
    Our boots are produced in our factory of Casarano, near Lecce, in the South of Italy, where they are handcrafted by skilled artisans and subject to a rigorous quality control process.

    DeNiro Boot Company is famous for Quality, Style and Innovation
    DeNiro Boot Company is famous for Quality, Style and Innovation in the Equestrian World.
    It is the time spent on research, innovation, and attention to detail which has allowed DeNiroBootCo to become one of the Industries Market Leaders in boot production.
    All the DeNiro Boots are handcrafted in their own factory in Lecce in the heal of Italy. All the boots subjected to rigorous testing and quality control... With the aim of being complete customer satisfaction...

    One cent

    One cent… story
    Sometimes it is the chance to show us the way to follow. Sometimes things happen for a reason! Sometimes an unexpected event can turn into something of great value and importance, and the memory stays with us forever. These unexpected events can happen to champions… During a competition…
    They can even happen to a rider who is not performing well, lacking in self-confidence and luck. And so our story begins!
    One such rider was wearing a pair of De Niro Boots when he felt something strange under his foot, an annoying pressure, forcing him to move differently in order to relieve the pain. Maybe because of those unexpected movements, we will never know, but the horse gave its best and the rider won the competition, restoring his confidence. A few days later, the rider returned the boots to have them repaired and it was discovered that a one cent piece had appeared between the linings of the leather, we do not know how. The rider was informed. He was amazed by this and insisted the one cent remain in the boots as his good luck token! Not to forget the singleness of this special event and want to share it, we have applied the one cent to our products, to wish all our riders & customers good luck in sport and most of all the most difficult competition of life!