For Horses

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FH was created from a great passion for horses and equestrian sport by Giovanna Novello and Andrea Piovan, husband and wife, and from a deep knowledge of both the textile and clothing sectors.

Giovanna Novello, designer and stylist, grew up in the fashion sportswear sector, and gained a strong knowledge and skills from her designer mother and the Novello family business, started in the 1980’s, that revolutionized sportswear, dance and leisure clothing. 

Andrea Piovan, who has had a passion for horses since he was a child, is a chemical textile engineer who has gained experience and developed excellence in the equestrian sector and in the treatment of high-performance textiles. 

Giovanna and Andrea, both riders, established For Horses® in the year 2000 with a vision to create a line of equestrian products that could be optimized for each specific need, be functional, elegant, versatile, and essential. 

Giovanna has always enjoyed sports, has had a passion for dance since childhood, and is a lover of animals and nature, and uses these treasured experiences to create extremely comfortable, feel-good, high-performing garments.

Each garment is created from these specific needs. Giovanna’s creative soul, great sensitivity and trend-setting intuition combined with Andrea's technical skills and innovative technology pursuits give life to the For Horses® collections.

The result is a continuous balance between new fashion trends and highly technical materials, studied and designed for specific use.