About Us

About Us

Gee Gee began in 2011. We are an  equestrian boutique catering to the horse community. The lovely owner, as well as our boss, Amanda, was born and raised in England, and when she came to America 20 years ago, she was very dispointed with the lack of fun, interesting, and overall lack of variety of equestrian apparel. So, Amanda decided to combine her love of horses and fashion and started Gee Gee Equine! Gee Gee began as a mobile business traveling to horse shows and barns, but eventually, due to popular demand and many "You have got to open a store!"'s, the Gee Gee Equine Equestrian Boutique store location was born in July of 2014! Since then we have thrived, and we're getting loads of positive feedback and love. We currently have four employees, including Amanda herself, working 7 days a week to make sure that every customer is super stylish, happy, and ready to ride!

What Makes Gee Gee Unique

Gee Gee Equine Equestrian Boutique is truly like no other. We specialize in selecting beautiful foreign brands from all over the world (Germany, Canada, Italy, you name it!) and importing them to the United States to make available in our store. We even carry a few brands (such as Fairplay) that are completely exclusive to us in the entire United States! People remember Gee Gee for our eclectic variety of merchandise and unique brands. 

Our Goal

Our absolute goal here at Gee Gee Equine is to make sure every customer we encounter walks out of our store feeling happy and satisfied with our products and services. Ultimately, the customer is the most important thing and we promise to always try our best to please our customers.


Visits to the store are always welcome, even if you're just looking! Our employees are highly knowledgable about horses and the equestrian world, and are always willing to answer any questions you may have! 


If you have any questions or inquiries at all, please feel free to pop in the store or contact us at amanda@geegeeequine.com or (424) 263-5914 xx