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Melanie Linbeck Loves Gee Gee Equine

  • What do you love most about your DeNiro boots and Gee Gee Equine  I love the fit and the attention to detail.  The ability to have the "detail design options that are your own".  Great to have the options to be an individual.  Gee Gee Equine has wonderful products that are not the same items over and over.  So much thought goes into the designs of the products!!!!  CUSTOMER SERVICE, CUSTOMER SERVICE -  THANK YOU AMANDA!!!!!!!
  • Have long have you been riding? Off and on for 40 years while having horses during that time.  Off due to health reasons.
  • What is your profession? Construction and Project Management
  • Tell us about your horse Horses?  Currently I have an OTTB.  He has found his niche in dressage since coming to me.  Before him I have had owned and bred paints, quarter horses, thoroughbred and a warmblood.  First time in 40 years not having spots. 
  • Riding goals? To get myself and my horse in the show ring.  I can now with correct fitting boots  Since off the rack has never been an option for me.