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Redsware Lightweight Windbreaker Jacket several colors


Super soft and light technical windbreaker jacket available in three different colorways.

This windbreaker jacket is one of our favorite styles, because of the beautiful soft quality and the luxury detailing. The jacket feels warm on colder days and light and airy on warmer days. It is light and soft to wear, so has perfect functionality for all sports. It is absolutely one of the most multi-functional styles within the Redsware collection. That combined with the contrast detailing and cute fit makes it one of the coolest jackets we have in the collection.

Perfect Detailing

This lightweight windbreaker jacket has been developed in key with our ultimate desire to bring beautiful products with luxury detailing. The attention to detail is gorgeous in this style and I think you will love all the small design details that make this garment unique. The rubber print on the sleeve is smooth and bright, the zipper has a slightly larger puller enabling you to easily open and close the jacket, even with gloves on.

There is a subtle, yet contrast rubber print on the back of the jacket and we have chosen the softest contrast mesh as a unique lining. The bottom of the jacket is adjustable with a subtle cord and stopper and the sleeves have beautifully finished elastic cuffs.

Breathable and Wind-Resistant

The outside of the fabric feels super soft and lightweight to wear. This style is breathable, has a waterproof finish, and is wind-resistant.

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